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What Type of Paint Does Your Automobile Needs

Shopping Tips When You Visit a Custom Paint Shop

Paint protects your automobile exterior from damage caused by the outside environment. Due to the everyday exposure to the weather, paint becomes damaged and peels off. Proper care is important so your car exterior is in good shape. Plus, this makes the exterior look very good. If you’re going to give your car a new paint job, buy products from a trusted custom paint shop.

Before you can commence on the car paint project, you must know which one to use. Knowing which paint to use can prevent a serious problem like an exterior damage. Proper research lets you know which product to use for the paint job. This keeps you from getting the wrong one. Here are handy shopping tips you remember when going to a custom paint shop:

  • Choose a Specific Pigment

Do you want your car to have that pearlescent glow or a matte paint on the exterior? Before you choose a particular color, you should specify what kind of pigment you want. Metallic pigments are excellent for cars with darker hues. Pearlescent pigments add more depth to the exterior. While the traditional pigment is great for most car exteriors and is easy to apply.

  • Select Your Finish

Once you’ve chosen your pigment, you should select the finish for the paint job. Like the many pigments, there are different options that you can choose from. Lacquer resin the gives your car a smooth and show-car finish. Urethane resins are the most common finish used. Lastly, the enamel resins are known to produce from dry to glossy finish.

Skyline Auto Body Shop is the custom paint shop you should call if you’re going to book an auto painting service. Our company offers professional auto body services at affordable prices. We also provide our clients an emergency service for your urgent painting needs. To get your free price estimate, you contact (703) 378-9222 or visit us in Chantilly, VA.

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